Speech and Communications Coaching

As a speech and communications coach, Coen work best with three types of people:

Are you a:

Business Leader

You have a proven track record of success, but you want more! You want to build a more resonant brand so that you can attract even clients, expand your team and leave a legacy.


  • Having been in the business for some you, and you feel you’re stagnating. What has served you well cannot propel you to the next level.
  • You have gone through difficult times in your life, and are looking to groom the next generation of leaders. However, you do not understand why the younger people do not have the same level of hunger, drive and resilience as you. How can you inspire them?
  • For years, you have put aside your hurts and setbacks, and spend the time building up your successes to prove yourself. Now that you’ve done so, you still feel that people don’t really understand and appreciate you for who you are.
  • Leadership can also be lonely because people typically look to you for directions, and therefore you find it hard to show vulnerability.
  • You find it hard to get candid feedback from your clients, your team or your industry peers, because to them you are already very successful.
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Senior Executive in a Large Organization

As an ambitious, highly competent executive in your company, you look to continue to prove your worth in your role,
enhance your reputation in the industry, in order to get more opportunities for career advancement and make a bigger impact.


  • As you’re now communicating with larger crowds, important stakeholders and the big bosses, the stakes are higher and you’re feeling more pressure.
  • As you now communicate to senior management, you feel somewhat intimidated because you see yourself as having a milder personality, or you have bad previous experiences of being written off.
  • You now lead a larger team, and this stresses you out because you know they are hanging onto your every word and you’re afraid of sounding stupid, or suffer from impostor syndrome, thinking “who am I to lead these people?”
  • Having worked longer in the company and proved your worth, you now feel a little insecure that your skills and accomplishments no longer speak for themselves, and you are afraid of losing out to less competent colleagues, who simple know how to present themselves well in front of bosses.
  • As a leader, you don’t have people you can share your challenges with, and therefore you just ”suck it in” and hope they work themselves out somehow.
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Speaker, Trainer, Coach or Consultant

As an experienced trainer, coach or consultant with years of experience, you are undoubtedly highly qualified to deliver
for your clients, if only you can get them on a consistent basis. You are passionate about what you do and you have a genuine desire to help others.


  • You are feeling the pressure for competing with new entrants to the market who may not have the same level of proven expertise, but they are taking business from you because they are more aggressive in marketing themselves.
  • You struggle to differentiate yourself from the market, and when you introduce who you are, you become commoditized because you are placed into the category of “just another _______”
  • When you passionately tell people about what you do, you get blank looks from your prospects.
  • You are sick and tired of giving discounts in order to get projects, because you know that for your track record, investment in developing yourself, and the skills that you bring to the table, you deserve to get paid a lot more.
  • You go through the income insecurity and “feast-and-famine” cycle of a freelancer, and you want to take control over your income.
  • You are so anxious about making a sustainable income because you don’t want to have to give up your dream, bear the embarrassment of admitting that you failed, and go back to find employment.
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