Episode 9 – Unlocking Your Success by Reinventing Yourself with Adeline Tiah

Do you find your mind spinning crazily with greater uncertainties, ambiguity and anxiety?

How can we thrive in, not just survive in this fast changing times?

What if a growth mindset is not enough? What do we need?

In this new episode of the Wholehearted Podcast, Adeline Tiah shares that we need a Reinvent Mindset, to constantly renew and reinvent ourselves.

She shares pivotal moments in her career and insights from her book, Reinvent 4.0. A conversation which will inspire you with ideas on how to consistently embrace a Reinvent Mindset!

Listen and enjoy the profound learnings wholeheartedly!

Episode 8 – Breaking Barriers: Honoring Women’s Remarkable Achievements on International Women’s Month

In this special episode of the Wholehearted Podcast, we look back on the highlights of some of the previous episodes with our Remarkable Female Guests. In celebration of International Women’s Month, we have curated an exceptional exchange of stories and insights from a diverse group of women talking about breaking barriers, winning moments and bold moves that have made tremendous strides in their lives!

This episode will surely inspire and empower you, regardless of gender, to live a wholehearted life!

Enjoy listening as we dive into our conversation with these incredible women!

Episode 7 – Building and Nurturing Meaningful Connections with Jessica Fabrizi

It all started when every single afternoon at primary school, she would write letters to pen pals at the age of five. It was her biggest joy connecting with people from different places. From then on, it made her interested to learn different cultures and languages, such as English, German, French, Norwegian, Italian, to name a few. Building connections has been a powerful gift that Jessica Fabrizi has been using to connect with people ever since she was very young.

Today, Jessica continues to build her own influential network and community by helping personal brands growth-hack their visibility and credibility, so that they skyrocket their impact and revenue. She shares integral techniques and strategies on Personal Branding, Thought Leadership, Media Relations and Super Connecting. Thanks to her fifteen years of experience as a PR executive for world-renowned brands such as Fiat, Peugeot and Singapore Airlines, she knows how to make any story newsworthy.

Join us in this new episode of the Wholehearted Podcast, where we get the chance to know the Personal PR Strategist, founder of JFab Personal PR, Jessica Fabrizi. In this conversation, discover how you can also build and nurture meaningful connections that can last a lifetime!

Episode 6 – Living Fearlessly and Embracing The Value of Freedom with Yana Fry

For Yana Fry, freedom all began when she left her country at a young age and explored different places to discover what she’s capable of. Her courage led her to become more independent and let go of the things that are not aligned to her mission. It is one of the strong values she lives by all her life.

Today, with her fearless heart, Yana has been a source of daily inspiration and practical tips on how to create a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. She ignites humans’ minds, hearts and spirits through her podcast, coaching, poetry, and global speeches, to name a few.

Enjoy listening to this new episode of the Wholehearted Podcast with Yana Fry! Learn how she embodies such freedom and bravery in facing her life’s challenges!

Episode 5 – Developing Your Powerful Self-Belief with Yasmine Khater

Yasmine Khater believes that our failure to show up wholeheartedly is because we are misaligned. For many of us we struggle to show up as who we actually are due to unresolved childhood trauma.

She comes from a Mixed Parentage of Arab Father and Asian Mother. Growing up she found it hard to navigate the conflicting expectations and rules.

It’s only on a trip to an African Leadership Conference in Ghana where she had this insight. The difference between her and any authority boils down to the unspoken narrative.

It’s the unspoken narrative that determines your destiny. Authorities have a different programming. And the best part we can reprogram our faulty patterns. Yasmine shares her tools and strategies of challenging her limiting beliefs, to develop self-worth.

In this new episode of the Wholehearted Podcast, listen to how Yasmine Khater continuously challenge herself, and build her self-belief to move closer to her goals. Indeed, a deep conversation about life, mission, people, and values.

Learn more about Yasmine’s journey and be moved by her story wholeheartedly!

Episode 4 – Living the OutdeBOX Life with Harish Kumar

Harish Kumar is a Global Keynote Speaker, Artist, and Filmmaker. His mission in life is to tap the creative potential in business leaders and organizations using PLAY to attain the best of business creativity.

Constantly learning and inculcating a PLAY culture is something that spots Harish’s artistry. Protecting his inner child in him is very important as this nourishes his curiosity and hunger to explore more about life.

Discover more about OutdeBOX Harish and be inspired by his creative mind as you listen to this new episode of the Wholehearted Podcast!

Episode 3 – The Power of Being Seen with Sha Nacino

Never in her dreams did she think of becoming a Professional Speaker, a Writer, and even a Producer of her songs. But because she was SEEN by her mentors, she felt she could do more and help people more.

Today, Sha Nacino has spoken in front of hundreds and thousands of people in different countries around the globe on the key message of Gratitude, Happiness, and Productivity. She has also published more than 15 books which have touched the lives of many. She is the founder of the The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge, World Gratitude Summit, Global Authors Summit, and the HR Summit Global, to name a few.

Learn how the power of being seen transformed her in this special episode of the WholeHearted Podcast! Listen and take note of the lessons wholeheartedly shared by the Possibility Igniter herself, Sha Nacino!

Episode 2 – Understanding and Embracing Your Core Values with Sha-En Yeo

Sha-En Yeo is a TEDx Speaker, Positive Psychology Expert and a Happiness Scientist. She is a graduate of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the reputable University of Pennsylvania. Her journey of becoming an influential speaker was not easy, but it was truly fulfilling.

In this episode, Sha-En and I talked about how she understood her wants, needs and desires. She managed to become a successful speaker without letting go of her core values. This gave her strength to be more courageous and true to herself.

Listen to our second episode and take note of the key learnings Wholeheartedly!

Episode 1 – How Being Unseen and Unheard Helped Kerrie Phipps Develop a Sensitivity to People’s Voices

For a long time, Kerrie Phipps was unseen and unheard. At 17, her teacher told her she won’t be able to find a job, so she searched for and landed one the next day. At 30, completely burned out, a doctor told her that she won’t be able to work for the next 10 years. She felt lost and disconnected from herself and her surroundings.

The turning point came when Kerrie discovered the world of coaching. Working with a coach and attending coach training, have helped her reconnect to her life purpose and her innate gifts – the ability to be present to other people. As an accredited coach today, Kerrie brings her empathy and exquisite sensitivity to listen and understand people’s extraordinary stories, and help them see the world from a different perspective!

In this episode, hear how Kerrie overcomes her life challenges, heals from her pain and leans powerfully into a WholeHearted Life!




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